Maahad Daawah Organization
In 1994, a group of young men came together and formed a self-help group, Maahad Daawah Group.
The name Maahad was derived from the palce where it all started, the Girls Training Institute, Pangani premises; famously known as Maahad. The Motto “for the pleasure of
Allah” which is still the mainstay of the ogranization remains, was adopted.
The main activities of the group include:
1. Al-Furqan Training Institute, religious and secular high school for boys
2. Iftar distribution in the month of Ramadhan
3. Udhiy’ya /Qurbani during Idd ul Adha
4. Welfare, Rehabilitation & Education Bursaries.

Al-Furqan Training Institute (ATI)
• Established in 1999, at Park Road Nairobi, with a first intake of 25 students.
• In 2005, ATI was relocated to Maili Tisa to cater for the growing number of students.
• 2011, KCSE curriculum was introduced.
• 2012, six teachers residence units were constructed.
• 2012, highest number of students graduated – 19.
• Current cost of educating a student is Kenya Shs10,000/-
• Maahad Daawah Organization subsidizes by Kenya Shs 6500/- (US$ 75). Each student is required to pay Kenya Shillings 3500 (US$ 40). Most are not even able to raise this amount.
• Presently, there are 150 students at the Institute.
• By 2014, there were 60 graduates from the Institue.
• Graduates from the Institue have undertaken futher studies in Madina, Sudan, South Africa, Turkey and local universities.
• Current monthly expenditure is Kenya Shs 1,600,000 (US$ 18,300) inclusive of repairs and development.
• The Al-Furqan Waqf project was unveiled in 2013 to enable the Institute to be self sustaining.

Current Curriculum
We offer a five year course:
• Two years Arabic Language and Quran studies.
• Three years Higher Islamic Education including using a well equipped computer room.
• Final year is for a crash course in KCSE Certificate, regular secondary subjects are taught during the other years.

Necessity For The Waqf Project
The Maahad Daawah Organization through its affiliate, The Al-Furqan Training Institute in Maili Tisa, Namanga of Kajiado County is committed to eradicating poverty by providing quality education to the needy, marginalized & under-privileged students. The Institute provides 5 year syllabus incorporating a strong foundation base of Islamic Religious Education intergrated with KCSE syllabus.
The funding of the monthly recurrent expenses are generated by the Students sponsorship funds, MDO funding through its Income Generating Programme & the parents contributions.
The project will Insha Allah provide for those already enrolled and accomodate additional students to give them the right education and tarbiya (social/ Islamic upbringing).

Planned on a total area of 83,000 sq ft within close proximity to a Masjid and the City Centre in a suburban eco-friendly setting.
The amenities accessible within the location are a Masjid & Madrassa, a Muslim nursery to secondary school for both boys and girls, a Muslim aided medical centre, a sports ground and swimming pool with perfect venue for social gatherings, shops and supermarket within walking distance, public transport 24/7 with easy access to CBD, the Guru Nanak Hospital and the Pangani Police Station

Project Details

Location Opposite Parkroad Masjid
Construction Cost  KShs. 500m
Proposed Commencement Date July 2014
Estimated Completion Date July/Dec 2016
Estimated Rental Income KShs. 1.65m to 2.0m per month
Construction details  60 Beautiful 2/3 bedroom apartments
and 5 Shops, Minimarket/ Cafeteria

MDO Office

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